The Enigma Story

Posted: July 12, 2012 in Enigma
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Since Talkin’ Shit was birthed from the idea of me getting things off my chest I feel its about time to really dive into the heart of my daily headaches.  There is a person in my life that is such an empty person who tries to fill themselves up by putting everyone else down.  Some of you may have already noticed that I am playing the “pronoun game.”  The reason behind this is because I will never name this person, nor will I say where I know this person from.  I will do my best to never divulge any hints or clues to the identity of said person.  The name I have chosen to give this person is Enigma.  Well enough of the explanation, lets get to it.

Enigma is the kind of person that never seems happy unless they are making someone else miserable.  They will smile in your face one day and then stab you in the back the next.  You can never trust them, or believe anything they say because they are always contemplating how to fuck you over.  Always looking to rat you out to anyone who will listen even though they make monumental mistakes themselves.

As much as I am annoyed by you I think I pity you more than anything else.  It must be a horrible feeling to be so fucking empty inside.  How terrible it  must feel to know you have no real friends because they are all scared you will turn on them next.  How awful it must be to have such low self-esteem that you need to buy your friendships.

For the longest time I wanted to hate you and for the longest time I just couldn’t do it.  Maybe its because my maturity has gotten the best of me because if this was 15 years ago I would have put your ass (and your name) on blast for the whole world to read.  But that was then and this is now.  I am not writing this as a way to get back a you or to bring light on what callow person you are, but instead just to vent my frustration.  I would however like the record to show that I have on several occasions tried to talk to you face to face but you have made it abundantly clear that you couldn’t care less about what I have to say.  I hope this is the last blog I ever write about you but I can almost guarantee that it won’t be.

  1. first thank you for following my always humbles me greatly when someone thank you. after reading enigma i decided that our blogs both began from some what similar circumstances and seem to have unfolded in a similar way. i trust your endeavor has brought you both the release and pleasure it has me. liily

  2. javaj240 says:

    These kind of people are to be pitied. The sad thing is that he/she is, more than likely, too narcissistic to notice! Love your blog, by the way!

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