Top 10 Stupid Questions I Hear Daily

Posted: July 11, 2012 in Rantings, Top 10
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10)  “Do you work here?”  No, I’m just here wearing this uniform because I think its stylish

9)     “Why is it so cold in here?”  Its called air conditioning you idiot!  This is South Florida and we need it to live so STFU!

8)     “Is this machine broken?”  Nope we just put a giant out of order sign on to confuse you.

7)     “How can you be out of this?”  Oh my god I am so sorry that other people than just YOU wanted to buy that item.

6)     “Is it raining out there?”  Nope, I’m wet because I decided to jump in a lake fully clothed.  The umbrella?  Oh its just a fashion statement.

5)      “Do you have a bathroom?”  I’m sorry this building didn’t come with a bathroom so we just use that bucket over there.  Don’t worry though because the money we save on water we use to buy really soft toilet paper.

4)     “The date on my milk says it expired last week and there seems to be chunks floating in it.  Do you think its ok to drink?”  Its perfectly fine…those chunks are just the beginnings of yogurt.  Grab yourself a bowl with some fruit and granola, scoop out the chunks and enjoy.

3)     “Is this register closed?”  Well let me think about this one…The light is off, there is no cashier, and there is a “closed” sign on the end of it.  Yeah I’m pretty sure its open.

2)     “Do you know what time the Home Depot around the corner opens?’ Nope “Well why not”  Well lets see genius, maybe because I don’t friggin work for them.

1)      “I bought this $40 package of crab legs but I didn’t like them so I threw them out and I didn’t keep my receipt or the packaging that shows I even bought it.  I can still return it though right?”  Please just step away from my counter before I do something that gets me fired.

  1. Charlie says:

    Another good one is “is it hot outside?” you tell me you just came from outside.

  2. alison says:

    i loved this totally feel you i worked in courtesy booth at foodtown in neptune for 10 yrs, i remember my mgr locking me in the $ room in the back bc i was screaming at a lady who he let return a burnt as shit steak! like seriously, she prob paid w her foodstamnps too

  3. Myriam says:

    My favorite is when they come in, telling you about this amazing food they tried at their friend’s house, when you ask what it is or the brand they answer: ‘ i dont know, my friend said she got it at publix’ how the hell am i supposed to know what the hell she had! and the worst part is they get mad cause u cant help them…. or when they come in and ask where the cheese is (while im standing in the cheese section) so i show them and they they sat thats not what they are looking for!!!!

    • Nick says:

      Oh Myriam, how I miss working with you lol. I love how they expect us to be able to read their minds and know exactly what they are talking about even thought they refuse to give us any information. “I saw this thing on tv, but i don’t know what its called or really what it does. You know what aisle I can find it on?”

  4. Ha ha – I love stupid things people say. I work with ratings and my favorite question is
    Q. What does a 0.0 rating?
    A. It means no recorded viewing for any of the TV households that are part of the panel of viewers.
    Q. How about people watching in other households that aren’t part of the panel?
    A. Ummmm…how about you call those households and then let Nielsen know?

    Hmmm…this may not be so funny in a general sense…

    • Nick says:

      I think my favorite part to any stupid question is the fact that the person asking it has no idea how stupid it really is. I’m not gonna lie, I ask stupid questions too. The only difference is that I know its stupid the second it leaves my mouth lol

  5. Omg! Do you work in customer service? Totally kidding! I’ve experienced at least 5 of those moments.

  6. Kimberley Ward Photography says:

    This made me chuckle……have to be honest I am not entirely guilt free when it comes to asking daft questions. My favourite has to be saying to someone after they’ve said they’re going on holiday ‘oh where to, anywhere nice?’. Pretty sure they wouldnt be going if it wasnt!


  7. neelkanth says:

    Thanks for your ‘Like’ on my blog. I too have decided to follow yours with immediate effect.

  8. drsharryn says:

    Only 10?
    Thanks for liking my blog post on the Olympics mate😃😃

  9. Curly Miri says:

    You are hilarious. “the begginings of yoghurt” haha. Love this.

  10. milkmaidmom says:

    I’m with drsharryn- only 10? I work in a grocery store also (or I guess that’s where you work), and it is ridiculous how absolutely helpful people are!

  11. […] I was left wondering what the hell is happening in this world anymore?  A while back I published Top 10 Stupid Questions I Hear Daily  and since then it just keeps getting worse. […]

  12. Where I work our phone number is one digit different than the local county jail.
    Me: Good morning (name of company)
    Them: Hello, is this the jail?
    Me: no, it isn’t.
    Them: Are you sure?


    Me: Good morning (name of company)
    Them: my boyfriend was arrested and let out, and i need to know how to get our bail money back!
    Me: Um, i think you have the wrong number, this isn’t the jail
    Them: Are you sure?

    and my favorite

    Me: Good morning (name of company)
    Them: Can I talk to Sargent So-and-so?
    Me: I think you have the wrong number? This isn’t the jail, is that what you were looking for?
    Them: Yeah, I needed to talk to Sargent So-and-so is he there?
    Me: No. The number to the jail is xxx-xxxx
    Them: Ok thanks, do you know if Sargent so-and-so is even working today?

    • Nick says:

      I get those calls too. The ones I hate the most are when they call my business on purpose but then want information for a completely different business that we are not even affiliated with.

  13. momof4athome says:

    #1 is my all time favorite…wish I could get a nickel every time someone says that…could have my house paid off by now…lolol

  14. #5 is my favorite 🙂

  15. rynnasaryonnah says:

    “Please just step away from my counter before I do something that gets me fired.”

    Made me laugh so hard!

  16. mjl21 says:

    You made me laugh.
    ~ M

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