Still Hate Lebron? Survey Says, Absofuckinlutely!

Posted: July 7, 2012 in Sports
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Just about anyone would have told you that it was just a matter of time before Lebron got a ring.  He is a very talented athlete who most likely would have switched teams as many times as it would have taken to get a ring.  After James left Cleveland it took him 2 seasons to get the job done which some people think was one season too many.  The question around the NBA fan base now is, will his image change now that he has won the title?  That’s a BIG no!  James will forever wear the Scarlet Letter on his chest no matter how many titles he wins.  Here are my top 5 reasons why I believe Lebron will go down as one of, if not the most, hated players in the history of the NBA.

1)  Arrogance
There is no doubt that James will go down as one of the best players to ever step on the hardwood and HE will be the first to tell you that.  Before he even played one minute in the NBA he was given a shoe contract with NIKE worth $100,000,000.  Now its not his fault that NIKE decided to do this but that’s not really where the problem lies.  Signing a contract that large will already have heads turning but then you throw in interviews where he claims that he will be the best player on the team that drafts him and that he knows he will be going to a terrible team and you have the making of a douche.  Even if the statements he made above were true he didn’t need to throw it in his future teammates faces.  Now you can argue that he was young and immature but unfortunately once you say something like that it sticks with you like peanut butter on the roof of your mouth.

2)  Quitting
I have actually had the opportunity to talk to several James fans and they all agree that it seems like he gets irritated with his team and quits.  There are tons of games that you can pull stats from to see what they are talking about.  We have all seen James drop 30+ points on a team in the first half while the rest of the team contributes nothing.  In those same games if you look at James’ output for the second half you would see that it goes down like a Asian hooker.

3)  He Left Cleveland
Why is this a big deal?  Well for one he made this statement, “I got a goal, and it’s a huge goal, and that’s to bring an NBA championship here to Cleveland, and I won’t stop until I get it.” So we are all adults here and we know that promises can and usually do get broken but he really did shit on the Cavs.  Did the Cavs fail him by not bringing in a better team around him?  The answer to that is obviously yes.  Here’s the thing though…How many allstars does one guy need to get the job done?  Oh wait I guess he needed 2 more.  What really happened here was that Lebron realized that he would never win the title with his talent alone so he quickly jumped ship to join a team that not only had a great player (Wade) but also had a winning history.  The ironic part of this is that he could have gotten that ring in Cleveland if he was a little more clutch.

4)  The Comparison
This one really isn’t on him as much as it is on the media.  Every player that steps on the court that has skill will always be referred as the “next Jordan” or the “next Kobe’ or whoever else they feel fit to bring up.  For years the media and the fans have compared James to MJ which in my humble opinion is bullshit.  I am sorry but there will never be another MJ and even if there was it sure as shit wouldn’t be James.  I won’t get into all the stats that MJ has amassed because it would take way too long.  Lets just look at the big ones. SIX (back to back 3-peats) Championships.  Lebron? 1.  As soon as you bring that up critics will jump in and say that MJ had Pippen to help win those rings.  They are right but the difference is that Pippen wasn’t an allstar for quite sometime and really wasn’t recognized as an amazing player till later in his career.  Jordan not only made his teammates better but he stayed with the Bulls as long as it took to get them to a championship level.  People will also say that James’ defensive abilities crush Jordan’s but please allow me to ask this;  which one of these players won Defensive Player of the Year?  Give up?  I’ll give you a hint….NOT JAMES!

5)  He nicknamed himself
This probably goes with the arrogance factor but I felt the need to make this a reason all by itself.  Why do you have to give yourself a nickname like “King James”?  Because he was afraid nobody else would.  Here’s the thing people, if the media or the fans gave him that nickname then he would have had the opportunity to say, “hey guys I haven’t done anything yet so lets wait to see what happens before you all bow down to me.” By naming himself the King he marked himself for life as an incredible douchbag

  1. kiwidutch says:

    I don’t know who this person is but from your description he doesn’t sound like a particularly humble soul.
    Don’t worry, usually in life things have an amazing habit of coming full circle, maybe not immediately but eventually.

    People work it out in the end… beauty really is only skin deep, shallowness and depth of character are seen for what they are in the end and that no one takes anything with them in the end.

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