Its Not the Team They Hate…

Posted: July 7, 2012 in Sports
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When are fans going to learn that its not the team people hate; its the fans themselves.  I have lived in South Florida for 10 years and in that time I have come to realize that there are 2 kinds of fans in this state.  You have the dedicated fans that appreciate their local team no matter what happens and then you have the other side.  The other side consists of the the people you would never even know are fans until the team makes the playoffs.  Although Florida has numerous sports teams I have decided to discuss the one that is in the spot light right now.  Yeah you guessed it…The Miami Heat.  If you listen closely you can already hear the groans from the pissed off readers but nothing I am about to say is a lie or fabrication in any way.  The Heat fans will be the first to tell you that everyone hates their team but the truth is they all hate them.  I will be the first to, not only admit, but vocally voice my hatred for Heat fans.  However they will be the first ones to tell you I am just displacing my anger because my team (Chicago Bulls) are no longer playing.  The fact of the matter is, is that I stand behind the Bulls no matter if they win or lose so it really doesn’t matter to me if they are out of the playoffs.  Of course I want them to win every game but even when they lose I still wear my Bulls pride right on my chest like a funky scarlet letter.  That to me is how a fan should act.  Win or lose, love your team.  Heat fans on the other hand loved them when Shaq won a championship, hated them the next year when they were struggling with injuries, and now that Lebron (future DOW) has them in the finals they are all about cheering again.  I’m not  the only person who sees this either.  I had a conversation with a heat fan today and he too saw that there a shit ton more fans now than there were before James took his douchness, I mean talent, to South Beach.  As I type this the Heat are just one game away from being the 2012 champs which will ultimately bring even more bandwagon fans out but I can promise you that if for some reason the Heat suck next year 85% of the fans will vanish.  Now for all the shitty Heat fans out there I have to admit there are some good ones as well.  His name may not sound familiar but by now you all should know who Ronald Poppo is.  He was the guy down here in Florida that had most of his face eaten off by a man that has been dubbed “The Miami Zombie.”  After suffering such a horrifying injury that left him with literally less than half his face one of the first things Poppo asked his doctors was how the Heat were doing in the playoffs and even finished the conversation with an emphatic “GO HEAT!!”  This guy is attacked by a crazed maniac and has his face eaten and yet he still takes the time to cheer on his favorite team.  Oh well I feel I have ranted enough for today and probably should end this before you get too bored to want to come back for tomorrow.  Till the next time people…

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