Douche of the Week

Posted: July 7, 2012 in Douche Of The Week
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What better way to start this blog than Douche of the Week?  DOW will be a weekly post about someone I feel tops the charts in Doucheness.  Since there could be issues with actually naming this person I will have to call him DB (can you guess what that stands for?).  OK so DB is a real douche in my eyes because he abuses the systems that are set up to help people in need.  I see this guy buy hundreds of dollars in scratch off tickets every single day and then turns around and buys his groceries with a foodstamp card issued by the state.  Oh and did I mention that DB drives an Escalade?  So why does this bother me you ask?  This whole thing pisses me off because while people are out working hard to feed their children and keep a roof over their heads this friggin guy is literally spitting in their face.  If DB can spend hundreds of dollars a day on lotto then why the hell can’t he afford groceries without having the state help?  Its people like  him that give the system a bad name and for that he is crowned  Douche of the Week.
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