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Posted: July 7, 2012 in Headlines
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This is all about news, but not just any news will make it in my blog.  The articles I will choose will either have to be really funny or really strange.  The way I see it you guys probably already read enough of the depressing, boring news so why not try to laugh a little while being schooled on the happenings.  Well lets get to it people!

Woman Glued to Toilet
So this woman needed to use the restroom while shopping at her local Walmart only to find that once she sat on the toilet she would be unable to get up.  The woman, who is remaining anonymous (would you want people knowing?), was stuck on the toilet for an hour while the paramedics tried to free her.  They were unable to remove the seat from her nether regions so they had to take her to the ER with the seat still attached to her.  The police suspect that the glue was intentionally placed on the seat as a prank.  I would just like to say that this is amazing police work, as I would have never had guessed this.  I just figured that the glue fell out of some girls purse, and as she was trying to catch it the cap fell off and sprayed all over the toilet.  I guess this is why I am not an investigator.
Need Drugs? Who Ya Gonna Call?
Well if you are these complete idiots you call a North Carolina Sheriff.  Deputy Jaggar Naves was woken up at 4:00am by several phone calls to his home.  When he picked up the phone he was shocked to hear a man screaming about the poor quality drugs he had purchased.  Not knowing that he miss dialed and that he was talking to a Deputy he and his idiot friends agreed to meet  Naves to discuss the drugs.  Can you see where this is going yet?  Yup you guessed it all four men were arrested.
Booze, Zebras and Parrots Oh My!
After receiving a call about animals being left in a car, an Iowa police officer arrived to the location just in time to witness a man driving off in a truck with a zebra and parrot as his passengers.  The driver, Jerald Reiter, told the officer the animals like to go for rides so he took them out for a drink.  Being that Jerald failed the field sobriety test administered by the officer, maybe he should think about teaching the zebra to drive so he has a DD for his next bar trip.

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